Online course “Digital accessibility at every step of a project”

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General Description

This course helps trainees gain awareness of digital accessibility, identify the different roles involved and learn how to address accessibility issues at their level and at each step of a digital project.

Trainees organize their own customized training program based on their profile and the 6 learning modules available.

Learning units last 18 minutes on average and can easily fit into their daily activities.

Do you want to learn more about digital accessibility and find out how to take accessibility into account in your activities?

Depending on your profile, your objectives and the training program you will choose, you will learn how to:

Integrate accessibility requirements
throughout the project.

Gain a general knowledge of the accessibility criteria,
and be able to test some of them.

Be able to estimate
costs and complexity.

Identify the key issues at stake
in order to successfully take accessibility into consideration.


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Course outline

This course is made up of 6 learning modules:

Targeted participants

The introductory module is for all those who want to know more about digital accessibility (HR positions, communication managers, IT managers, etc.).

The other modules are mainly for professionals working in the following areas:

  • Web, mobile and e-learning project management.
  • Procurement (professional services).
  • UX, graphic and ergonomic design.
  • Technical project management.
  • Editorial content management.
  • Publishing.
  • Video production.

Learning Methods

Trainees organize their own customized training program based on their profile and the 6 learning modules available.

A learning unit lasts 18 minutes, on average and may include: videos, role plays, case studies, interactive experiences, quizzes, tutorials.

A training program includes 4 to 25 learning units depending on the trainee’s profile.

There is no set program, you make all the choices

For some trainees, the course will take 30 minutes, for others a few hours. Some will only take one module, others will choose to explore them all.

What is important is not only to give you specific skills to help you take accessibility into account in your activities, but also to get you motivated and convinced of the importance of making your content accessible.

If you are curious, you can also, at any time, follow units of a module that aren’t included in your program. Go ahead and take a look!

Finish the course and download your certificate

You’ve completed the course when all the modules in your program show a finished status. A dialog box then opens up to confirm that you’ve finished the course and to invite you to print the training certificate.

The certificate is also available on your Dashboard. It gives the list of the modules in your program, the progress you made in each one, your scores and the scores that we recommend.

Resources available at all times

The course is also designed to serve as a resource library: at any time during a project, you can come back and quickly find important information and the tools to make sure your project is accessible.

Use these resources whenever, however and as often as you need them!

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