6.3. Provide an explicit button text for each button

An explicit button text must be provided for each button. The purpose of the button must be easily understood just by reading the button text, even if it is read out of context.

Button texts with the following text should therefore be avoided:

  • “OK”.
  • “Validate”.
  • “Confirm”.
  • Etc.

They should be replaced by button texts such as:

  • “Register”.
  • “Go to step 2”.
  • “Confirm payment”.
  • Etc.
In this example, the “OK” button has been replaced by a “Find Tickets” button,
which is more precise.


If it is not practical to add a button text for some buttons (lack of space in the mock-up, for example), there are other solutions that can be used later in the development phase.

Nevertheless, this is a compromise solution that is less effective than directly optimizing the button text.

Screenshot, description below.
In this example, the image button represents a magnifying glass.
It will be made accessible during the technical phase


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