1.1. Provide at least two of the following navigation methods: main menu, site map, and search engine

At least two of the following three navigation methods must be available in the website:

  • A main menu.
  • A site map that shows the structure of the website, and at least allows the user to access all sections and functions of the website.
  • A comprehensive search engine that provides a search on all the content (text, documents, videos, etc.).

These items should be available in the same place on each page throughout the website.


You can, of course, choose to have all three navigation methods in the same website.

Site map examples

Screenshot, site map with 3 levels of depth
Screenshot, site map showing 3 sections and the subpages of each section
Examples of site maps.

Screenshot, footer containing links to social networks, as well as the Contact us, About us, Advertising, Partnership, Terms and conditions and Site map pages.
Example of a link to the site map at the bottom of the page.

Search engine examples

Screenshot, search field, a checkbox "Search for exact phrase", and a select list "Search on all website or filter by category".
Screenshot, search field and radio buttons "All website", "Libraries", "Press releases" to limit the scope of the search
If necessary, it is possible to provide filters on the search engine so that the results are more accurate.

Screenshot, result of a search on the word accessibility, sorted by date
Screenshot of a search results page filtered by date.
Screenshot, search results, the searched word ("phone acessories") has been misspelled, a text "Did you mean: phone accessories" is displayed with a link on the word.
The presence of correction suggestions is a good accessibility practice.


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