8.2. Tag ordered lists with <ol> and <li>

Use the <ol> and <li> tags to mark up lists of items that must appear in a specific order (list of steps in a procedure, ranking, etc.). In other words, when the information would not be understood if the items were presented in a different order.

If required, make sure that lists are properly nested:

   <li>Step 1: Connection</li>
      Step 2: Fill in the application form
         <li>Personal information</li>
         <li>Professional information</li>
   <li>Step 3: Application summary</li>

What are the advantages?

Structuring lists is essential for people using a screen reader (blind or visually impaired). When they come across a structured list, they are able to:

  • Navigate from list to list within a page.
  • Know from the start the number of elements in the list.
  • Navigate more easily through the list:
    • Go directly to the end of the list if they are not interested in the content.
    • Easily return to the top of the list.

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