14. Additional rules for compliance

Some guidelines found in accessibility reference documents were not included in this manual as they are considered as rarely applicable.

It is however necessary to respect these additional rules to ensure compliance with RGAA 4.1 and WCAG 2.1.

They are listed below:

  • Make sure the information is understandable, even without color
  • Ensure content readability even when text spacing properties are customized
  • Incorporate the summary of each complex data table in the <caption> tag
  • Provide alternative text for each informative <canvas>, <embed> and <object> tag
  • Provide alternative text for each <canvas>, <embed> and <object> tag used as a link or button
  • Hide each decorative or ambient <canvas>, <embed> and <object> tag from assistive technologies
  • Do not initiate an action while the trigger is in the “pressed” state
  • Anticipate the interface behavior
  • Group related options in <select> boxes with <optgroup>
  • Add the title attribute to describe each <frame>
  • Use the dir attribute to indicate a change in reading direction
  • Ensure proper use of content masking techniques


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