2.1. Provide a descriptive <title> element on each page

On each page, the <title> element must include a descriptive title.

It must, at least, provide both the name of the page and the name of the website.


  • The name of the current page should come first in the <title> element before other information. For example, <title>[Current page name] | [Website name]</title>.
  • Good practice is to ensure that the content in the <title> element is consistent throughout the entire website.


In certain circumstances, the title content is modified when the page is reloaded. This may be the case, for example:

  • When pagination is used.
  • When a search term is entered into a search field.

The title of the affected page must be modified. For example:

<title>Search results for [Search term] (page 3/7) | [Site name]</title>

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  1. Associated accessibility guideline for HTML, CSS and JavaScript: 7.6. Update the <title> element when the page reloads to display an error or confirmation message.


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