Update the <title> element when the page reloads to display an error or confirmation message

When the form sends an error or confirmation message after reloading the page, the <title> element should always be updated to show that information.

For example, if submission is successful:

<title>Confirmation - Contact | [Site name]</title>

If there is an error:

<title>Error - Contact | [Site name]</title>


It is recommended to include this information at the beginning of the <title> element.


In some situations, the title does not need to be updated because the title displayed after submission is already obvious.

For example:

  • A login which goes directly to the “User Profile”.
  • A button which says “Next step” as part of a multi page form.
  • A contact page that sends a preview page.

Find out more

  1. Associated accessibility guideline for HTML, CSS and JavaScript: 2.1. Provide a descriptive <title> element on each page.

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