Provide a confirmation message

Each time a form is successfully validated, it is recommended to provide a confirmation message.

This message should remind the user of the action that has been executed.

Screen capture, caption below.
Following the addition of an item to the shopping bag,
a confirmation message is clearly displayed on the screen near the « ADD TO BAG » button.


Confirmation messages must not disappear automatically.

These messages must only disappear on a user action (closing button, new page, new form submission, etc.).


In some circumstances, a confirmation message is not necessary, as the page displayed after submitting the form makes the result of the action obvious.

For example:

  • A login form that sends the user to a “User profile” page.
  • A “Go to next step” button that sends the user to the next step in a form with multiple steps.
  • A comment form that sends the user to the comment posted.
  • Etc.


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