Add file format and size to all download links and buttons

Whenever a link or button points to a download file, the following information should be added to the label:

  • Document name.
  • Document format.
  • Document size.
<a href="toronto bus service.pdf">
Download the map of Toronto bus routes (PDF – 2Mb)


If an icon is used to indicate the file format, refer to Section “6. Images and Icons“, to implement it in an accessible way.


In situations where the size of the downloadable file can not be known in advance (i.e. generation on the fly), good accessibility practice is to give an approximate or maximum size.

For example:

<a href="invoice.pdf">
Download your March invoice (PDF – Approx. 1.5Mb)

Find out more

  1. Associated accessibility guideline for the graphic design: 5.1. Indicate the size and format of each document that can be downloaded.
  2. Other solution to display size and format on links: Tooltips simulated using ARIA.


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