Logically organize the items of dropdown lists

When dropdown lists are used, the items listed should be organized logically.

The logical order depends on the context. Examples include:

  • Alphabetical order (e.g. a list of languages).
  • Numbered order (e.g. a list of French departments).
  • Practical order (“France” first in form to sign up for a French government agency).


Another good accessibility practice is to avoid prefixing the content of the <option> tag with decorative characters (dashes, stars, spaces, etc.).

This will give the user direct access to a desired value or group of values by simply pressing a key on the keyboard (pressing the S key to reach the country “Spain”, for example).


Should be replaced by:


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  • Par Franck Letrouvé, le 27 July 2020 at 14h02.

    Ce commentaire a été publié il y a plus de 2 ans. Il se peut que son contenu ne soit plus d'actualité.

    La mention “Une bonne pratique d’accessibilité consiste à ne pas préfixer le contenu de la balise” est affichée en français dans la page.


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